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Query Oncologists???????: hi My mom is having breat cancer treatment in mumbai TMH but we wanred her to move to nearby i.e Ranchi and closer to jamshedpur.Do you take patients with ongoing treatments at other facility. Thanx. - Manisha

My dear Manisha,

Many thanks for visiting the website and writing your mother's problem to us. We have discussed your mother's problem with the Director, Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital, MTMH today.

Please visit the above said cancer hospital with your mother and her papers pertaining to treatment for check- up, study and diagnosis by the Oncologist, Dr K. C. Mishra.

Please note that medical advice and treatment etc will be given at the Jamshedpur premises of the hospital only.

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Query Chemo and radiation for Breast cancer: Dear Sir, My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had her surgery (Lumpestomy) in feb 11. Tumor : 2.5 x 2.5 cm, Grade 3 mitotic count 11/10, Triple negative, LVI +, Lymph nod - negative. Please advice me what chemo should be prescribed and whether radiation required. - Jitender Singh Sandhu

My dear Jitender,

She is having TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer). Hence chemo is a must with ADRIA + Cyclophosphomide x 4 Cycles 3 weekly. Then, Paclifoxel 175 mg / M square once in a 3 weekly x 4 such.

Then, she has to receive Radiation to operated breast and Axilla with Electron boost to lumpectomy Site.
Dose: 5000 CGY / 25 # + 1600 CGY / 8 # (Electron boost). This could be simultaneous boost.

Dr K C Mishra, Oncologist.
Query Fibroadonoma mastitis: This is a breast problem. What are the treatment facilities you have in jamshadpur of this problem. - Foysal Noman

Fibro Adenoma is a benign condition. It rarely turns malignant. It affects mostly young ladies. It is desirable to take it out when it starts getting bigger or there is family history of Breast Cancer in family & have Biopsy done. There is no specific medicine to cure it.

Dr. Mahmood Alam, F.R.C.S.
Query My mother is having a tumor in the head and if it is benign or malign will be known shortly. She is at present admitted in Peerless Hospital, Kolkota. Is it possible to continue treatment in Jamshedpur at Meherbai if chemotherapy/radiation is required. Who is the leading Dr. in this case in Jamshedpur ?

The treatment is possible at the Meherbai Hospital, Jamshedpur.

Dr. K. C. Mishra can be contacted at the hospital. His phone numbers are 9931546513(M) & 2141161(H).
Director, MTMH.

Query I finished 6 rounds of taxol/carboplatin on 8/21. Doctor prescribed a ct scan before I am to visit him on 9/11. Had ct scan on 9/5. The ct scan showed two very large blood clots in my vein - one above belly button and other below. I was entered into hospital immediately on 9/5 where they put in a Vena Cava Filter through vein in my neck. I was given Heprin to thin blood and one pill (5 gm) of Coumadin once a day. I was released today. I had ovarian cancer - Stage 3C - Clear Cell which I am in remission (hallelujah). Question is: Has anyone had blood clots formed with your cancer? Thanks for any information.

Blood clots can occur in cancer patient, and also in many other conditions. In my opinion other your treatment is o. k. and Heparin and Dicoumeral are the drugs to be prescribed in this condition. You should have your PTT checked monthly.

I am yet to see a patient with thrombosis in cancer ovary but thrombosis are quite common in Renal cell cancer.

Dr K. C. Mishra, MD, Oncologist,
Meherbai Tata Momorial Hospital, Jamshedpur, India.

Query Dear Sir, Good morning, I would kindly request your advice regarding the condition of my wife who is currently being diagonised for suspected pancreatic dis-order. She was initially suffering from obstructive jaundice. PTBD was carried out. Metallic stenting has been done. CT scan results are normal, however, the CA 19.9 result shows value as 1448.41 u/ml. The doctors are advising for radio-therapy in India. Kindly advice if this value is high and what should be the line of treatment. Kind regards and thanking you, A.K. Panda, Mumbai...  A. K. Panda

Whatever clinical data you provided, it seems she is suffering from Pancreatic malignancy, particularly in view of very high CA 19.9. To decide the further line of treatment, it is mandatory to examine the patient. Chemotherapy with/without radiotherapy will probably be the next line of therapy. Thanks

Dr. S.K. Ghosh
Sr. Specialist & HOD (Radiotherapy)
Mobile 9234601801
e-mail : dghosh@tatasteel.com

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