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Query Dental Sealants - My 7 year old son had a dental checkup. His teeth were fine, but our dentist suggested that his teeth be treated with a dental sealant. Is it worth having it done to teeth that are going to fall out soon? How do sealants work? Any additional insight would be appreciated. - Samy

Your doctor has advised you the correct therapy. Application of Dental Sealants is a well known Prophylactic Treatment. It basically helps by preventing the development of plaque deep inside the fissures thereby preventing dental caries.

- Dr. Sourav Banerjee (http://jsrdoctors.com/drsourav.html)

Query Cosmetics Dentistry: Any good consmetic dentist in Jamshedpur?

Please note that cosmetic dentistry is a very wide subject. We donít have favour for any particular dental surgeon. Still for your ease we are suggesting the following two dental surgeons. Please discuss your problem with them before taking treatment.

1- Dr. Deepak Kedia,
Shop No. 141, 3rd Floor,
Kamani Centre, Bistupur, Jamshedpur.
Phone: 09431347014 ( M ).

2- Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shukla,
Shukla Dental Clinic,
Opposite Basant Talkies,
Sakchi, Jamshedpur,
Phone: 09431340319 ( M ).

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