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Query Hi I am suffering from some skin problem, so please suggest me the best dermatologist. problem in fingers & ankles like exima or may be other desease. Thanks - Rajeev Kumar Mahato

Please stop eating those things to which you are allergic. Please consult a competitive Physician. He will examine you physically and pathologically, If necessary he may prescribe medicines or refer you to a skin specialist.

We have information that in such cases Homeopathic as well as Ayurvedic systems of treatment are also very effective. We feel it to be our duty to present balanced opinions before you.

- www.jsrdoctors.com (the website that cares)

Query i m suffering from last 20 days,i have skin eaching problem,on my hand and leg red small small ovel spotsand it feel hard and eaching always,when a time I rubbed it hardly then i feel comfert but due to this problem its spreads fastly on the others part of the skin,due to this deasise i used Aciable during bathing but its not helpfull for me i used avil 25mg tablet but the problem is constent now,so please help me to solve my query and prescribed me a proper way of solution

First of all please find to what substances your are allergic. If it is found that you are allergic to certain substances never consume them.

For such condition like yours, our experience is that homoeopathic and ayurvedic treatment have given good result. Please consult a competent homoeopathic or ayurvedic physician.

Query hi doctor....gud morning... i'm working in tata steel.i observed some rashes on my arms.want some help frm ur side.suggest me gud dermetalogist.i have medical service book with me.is ther any doctor available on sunday?plz,let me know the information.so i can meet them in TMH.plz,tell me abt appointment procedure..thanks for gud site and all.
- Ms Anuja.

We have no favour for any dermatologist. On Sunday you may visit emergency in TMH. In case like yours we have seen people trying homoeopathy. You may too consult a competent homoeopath.


Eczema: Homoeopathy Treatment of Eczema.... is there any cure ?

ECZEMA and Homoeopathy: The treatment of Eczema is positively possible in Homoeopathy, but according to principles of homoeopathy no patent medicine can be prescribed for it.

Homoeopathy believes in individualization of a person. A man is known by its habits, mental buildup, temperament, constitution, liking, dislikings,
aggravation and amelioration of symptoms, color of skin, texture of skin etc etc. A homoeopath prescribes medicine for a patient to patient basis depending
on the constitution, mental and physical symptoms. Clinically it has been proved that this is one of the best form of treatment of eczema or any other skin
diseases because it removes the symptoms and cures it permanently. It is advisable for a patient to consult a qualified physician for his or her treatment.
Once your eczema is cured, the same lesion should not reappear but it is possible that depending on the factors, there may be chances of reoccurrences on
rare occasions.

Dr Kulwant Singh
Singhbhum Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital , Jamshedpur

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