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Query Dear Sir, I am male and I would like get your advice about the current situation, since last 8-9 months i have been noticing that from my right nipple a white fluid comes out whenever i press it. Is it Normal case. Please respond me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. - Arka

Dr. N. C. Singhal: You should immediately get investigated as these are signs of a tumor called prolactinoma in the brain.

For more details get in touch with Dr. N. C. Singhal, 5 C.H.Area(north), Jamshedpur,India, Mobile: +91-9835196821

Query Stuking up words while speaking age is 6 yrs child male.,the name of this type of habits and its cure needed. - Joyanto Ray

The problem appears to be that of stammering. Please take your child to a competent ENT surgeon. If you are at Jamshedpur you may visit the TMH. After thorough check- up they may advise some treatment including speech therapy. Please observe your child for some substantial length of time. In case your find progress, please continue the treatment. In case you are not satisfied with the progress, please consult a competent neuro- physician.

- jsrdoctors.com (Website that cares)

Query Hi, Can you please help me with the name of best throid doctor in jamshedpur. Awaiting reply. Regards, Madeeha

In Jamshedpur, Tata Main Hospital (TMH) is the best medical establishment. If you are confirmed that your case is thyroid oriented, then you may please take appointment and consult Dr Sujata Mitra at Nuclear Medicine Block of TMH. Otherwise, you may move through usual route of treatment by attending the medical OPD of TMH,

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Query Vaccination: I would like to know where is INTRAVESICAL BCG VACCINATION in the urinary bladder adminstered in Jamshedpur and what are charges? - Ashok kumar Paul.

The said vaccination is given in the Tata Main Hospital ( TMH ) at its Urology clinic. Please take appointment to meet the urologist, Dr Harpreet Singh by paying Rs 200/. The said OPD clinic remains open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9.00 A. M. onwards. The said vaccination will be given on urologist's approval. The cost of vaccination and charges of administering it appear to be within affordable limits. For any query please contact Dr Harpreet Singh on 9234200096.

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Query Vaccination: is BCG vasicular vaccination administered in Jamshedpur?Where and what is the cost? - Ashok Kumar Paul

Note that the BCG vaccination is given free of cost at Jusco's Health office on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 8.00 AM to 12.45 PM & 2.00 PM to 4.30 PM. The said office is situated in the premises of Jusco near Jamshedpur Blood Bank at Bistupur, Jamshedpur; For any query contact no. is 0657- 2143304.

jsrdoctors.com (Website that cares)

Query Headche: Sir My wife is suffering from Headache since last 6 month. Undergone CT Brain all normal except B/L putamenal calcification seen. used medicine silbelium 5 mg,amitone 10 mg for one and half month. No improvement. Thyroid test normal. Already carried out X-Ray for C-Spine, Neck, PNS, etc all normal. Visited ENT specialist IN addition to PNS and nosal x ray endoscopy of nose also carried out , Ear checked all normal Present Problem : Severe headache almost every time. Feeling severe hot specially in head. Facing difficulty even cooking for small duration, Pain is specially originating from upper portion of ear. Some time neck also getting stiff, Facing difficulty in rotating it. Gradually sleep is also getting disturbed. I am having small Kid having age 16 month. Suffer from Chicken POX April last 2011. - Tewary

Dr. N. C. Singhal: Please increase dose of sibelium to 10mg and amitone to 25mg.

For more details get in touch with Dr. N. C.Singhal, 5 C.H.Area (north), Jamshedpur, India - 831001. Ph: 91-657-2230387, Mob: +91-9835196821

Query Sir my tongue is having several long cracks and its very painful. Every time I eat, its too painful. This is from six months. Please advice me a doctor. - Laltu Maji

Dr. N. C. Singhal: You are suffering from a condition called chronic glossitis due to vit B deficiency.Please take Vitamin B complex capsules and apply triamcinlone gel all over the tongue at least twice daily.

For more details get in touch with Dr. N. C.Singhal, 5 C.H.Area (north), Jamshedpur, India - 831001. Ph: 91-657-2230387, Mob: +91-9835196821

Query For the last 12yrs Rt.adx shows separate cyst size:38*25mm Please tell me how it can be cured? Is there any medicine for this? - Ruby Singh

Dr. P. Krisnammma: The rt adnexal cyst of 4 x 3 cms cannot be tackled by any other method but to remove it by laprascopy. If unattended, it might grow in the future and can be source of severe acute pain or chronic pain. It takes only one day of admission and about five days of rest to go back to work.

Dr. P. Krisnammma, NOBLE HOSPITAL, Chennai, http://noblehospitals.com/

Query Undiagnosed RIF pain - Sir, I have acute pain in right illiac fossa for about 4 days. At the starting of pain the whole abdomen was full of bowel gas. The acute pain is shifting to the backbone clockwise from RIF. No symptoms of fever, vomiting or rebound pain near RIF. After taking dulcolex stool is clear. I was admitted in TATA MAIN HOSPITAL for 3 days. blood test, USG, X-ray was performed. No abnormalities detected. Doctors there suspects that may be due to certain infection and suggested Ofloxacin 200 mg for 6 days. Today is the 5th day of medication. severe pain is not there . But the pain is presently shifted towards backbone along RIF of lower abdomen. Generally there is no pain. But while sneezing or coughing there is severe pain just near the backbone touching RIF. Stool is not in normal way. I have to take laxative, for latrine. I also taking natural laxative. SIR, PLEASE INFORM ME WHAT MAY BE THE CAUSE OF IT? WHAT TYPE OF TEST MADE ME CONFIRM? MAIN HOSPITAL SUGGEST ME THAT I HAVE NO STONE OR NO SYMPTOMS OF APPENDICITIS. WHAT SHOULD I DO? PLS INFORM ME? WILL I GO TO SOPD OF TATA MAIN HOSPITAL? TO WHOM I CONTACT? PLS REPLY? I AM FILLING ACUTE UNDIAGNOSED PAIN IN RIGHT LOWER ABDOMEN. PLS HELP MA. PLS GIVE ME SUGGESTION AND CONTACT NUMBER. - Sudhish Banerjee

Dr. N. C. Singhal: You are suffering from a condition called irritable bowel disease. If your doctor has confidently ruled out ureteric colic and acute appendix problem then this is the only other probable cause. This is always related to stool evacuation problem. Another condition to be excluded is any pain radiating from spine.

For more details get in touch with Dr. N. C.Singhal, 5 C.H.Area (north), Jamshedpur, India - 831001. Ph: 91-657-2230387, Mob: +91-9835196821

Query Doctor, I am worried that eating lots of fruits containing sweet fructose may cause high blood sugar and diabetes, e.g. eating melon, grapes, banana, and like. Please advise.
- GK

Eating lot of fruits does not lead to diabetes. It is advisable to have a baseline fasting and pp blood sugar levels.
- Dr. N.C. Singhal

Query Asthma and breast milk: pls my wife is asthmatic. she always takes her routine tabs + her inhaler. we are yet to have children but for some months, breast milk has been coming out when squeezed tight. could d drugs be creating adverse effect. she has not taken in before.we want to start children. thank you for your assistance.
- udonsi

None of the drugs can do this. Get a serum prolactin done to rule a prolactinoma.
- Dr. N.C. Singhal
Query pain on my lower right: I normally have some pains on my lower right above my waist line but further away from my appendicectomy site. infact just by my side. what could be the cause? i've taken anti inflamatory drugs and a physician tapped and yet said she found nothing and yet i have this pain recurring. what could be the cause.... thank you very much
- udonsi

Get a USG of the abdomen to rule any gall stones.
- Dr. N.C. Singhal
Query Painful menstration: my wife normally has her mentration very very heavy and more so very very painful. i just obsreved that her tummy is big. is it
normal.she's not pregnant. she just finished her monthly cycle two days ago.she's astmathic though she hasn't had an attack ai a while. thank you.......
- udonsi

Protuberant abdomen may due to fat. However get a USG done to rule out any other pathology.
- Dr. N.C. Singhal
Query My left testicle is hanging lower than right and also i have rashes on the leg arms, for past few days i feel tired and pain in left leg and my
penis also shrinken than before. so what may be the disease and treatment?
- Rajesh khanna

Level of testicle may be unequal and may be physiological. Don't worry. Rashes in arm may be due to some allergy.Take anti allergy tab or see a good Physician. Dont worry about shrunken penis as long as you have a good erection.
- Dr. N.C. Singhal.
Query My wife is using dialysis facility for CRF patients in Bhopal. We want to visit Jamshedpur for couple of months. Please let me know about haemodialysis facility available in Jamshedpur.
........Prof. Mukherjee

Dr. N. C. Singhal: Haemodialysis is available in the following places:

1. Tata Main Hospital
2. ADM Hospital, Baridih
3. Brahamananda Hospital, Tamolia along the national highway 33

Query I'm 29 yrs old women and I'm suffering from Asthama during 2 yrs. I use inhaler. I hav also cough problem. Plz giv me yr wise suggestions.
  ........Ms. Ranjana Chauhan

Dr. N. C. Singhal: If your astmatic attack is frequent then you have to use inhaler frequently and long acting oral steroids and bronchodilators. Avoid going out to dusty or smoky places.

Dr. H. S. Wilkhoo: Yes there is complete cure of Asthma. There are basically two types of Asthma: Dry and Humid asthma. The patient says she has cough. So, She has to be examined properly for her chest congestion. If she is on Inhalers, then she should tell which type of inhaler she is on. If she wishes to get complete cure of Asthma then she should consult a good Homeopath.
Query I anjali juss wanted to know know we have good doctors for every thing but why not for liposection or weight reduction surgery , why we have to go out for tht surgery and we do nt have good doctors for hypnosis in which is helped for lossing weight now weight reduction is a major problem in this world people who live in big cities like delhi mumbai they have all the facilities like weight reducing hypnosis ans wsurgery and all byt i think we r lacking with good doctors anyways i do not think tht this surgery is done here ,

We agree with you that our city lacks in the facilities you have mentioned. But you may please try alternative method.

Please consult a competent physician who will monitor your physical condition. Please consult a competent physiotherapist who will suggest to you proper
excercise. Also, consult a competent dietician who will advise you what food and drink to take and in what quantity.

Query I am feeling that I am suffering from jaundice. so please tell me about jaundice & its cure. ..... Nishi Kumari

What is jaundice?

Jaundice is not a disease but rather a sign that can occur in many different diseases. Jaundice is the yellowish staining of the skin and sclerae (the whites of the eyes) that is caused by high levels in blood of the chemical bilirubin. The color of the skin and sclerae vary depending on the level of bilirubin. When the bilirubin level is mildly elevated, they are yellowish. When the bilirubin level is high, they tend to be brown.

What causes jaundice?

Bilirubin comes from red blood cells. When red blood cells get old, they are destroyed. Hemoglobin, the iron-containing chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen, is released from the destroyed red blood cells after the iron it contains is removed. The chemical that remains in the blood after the iron is removed becomes bilirubin.

The liver has many functions. One of the liver's functions is to produce and secrete bile into the intestines to help digest dietary fat. Another is to remove toxic chemicals or waste products from the blood, and bilirubin is a waste product. The liver removes bilirubin from the blood. After the bilirubin has entered the liver cells, the cells conjugate (attaching other chemicals, primarily glucuronic acid) to the bilirubin, and then secrete the bilirubin/glucuronic acid complex into bile. The complex that is secreted in bile is called conjugated bilirubin. The conjugated bilirubin is eliminated in the feces. (Bilirubin is what gives feces its brown color.) Conjugated bilirubin is distinguished from the bilirubin that is released from the red blood cells and not yet removed from the blood which is termed unconjugated bilirubin.

Jaundice occurs when there is 1) too much bilirubin being produced for the liver to remove from the blood. (For example, patients with hemolytic anemia have an abnormally rapid rate of destruction of their red blood cells that releases large amounts of bilirubin into the blood), 2) a defect in the liver that prevents bilirubin from being removed from the blood, converted to bilirubin/glucuronic acid (conjugated) or secreted in bile, or 3) blockage of the bile ducts that decreases the flow of bile and bilirubin from the liver into the intestines. (For example, the bile ducts can be blocked by cancers, gallstones, or inflammation of the bile ducts). The decreased conjugation, secretion, or flow of bile that can result in jaundice is referred to as cholestasis: however, cholestasis does not always result in jaundice.

As far as treatment is concerned, please consult a competent physician and for God's sake do not do self treatment.

Information Brain scan for Alzeimer’s diagnosis: An imaging method known as a PET scan may enable doctors to determine whether a person has “plaques” in the brain that are a hallmark of Alzeimer’s disease ,according to a Finnish study published on Monday, August 11, 2008. The brain tissue of people with Alzeimer’s disease contains abnormal clumps called amyloid plaques, but generally doctors cannot be sure if they are there until the brain is examined after death in an autopsy. The findings of the small study led by Ville Leinonen of the University of Kuopio in Finland indicated that positron emission tomography, or PET, imaging can detect the plaques. This shows PET scans may become a useful tool to diagnose Alzeimer’s disease, a fatal and uncurable mind-robbing ailment that is the most common form dementia in the elderly, Leinonen said.
Information Gender difference while negotiating: A new research has revealed that when people are trying to make a positive impression, they behave in ways that contradict gender stereotypes. While making a positive impression on counterparts, women became aggressively while men negotiated in an appeasing manner.
Information Breast feeding: Infants who are breastfed have lower levels of cholesterol in later life, suggests a new research, which added that nursing mothers have a lesser risk of breast cancer. The study shows that thousands of lives can be saved if all women breast-fed their babies exclusively for the recommended six months.
News I recently had a break-up. I thought she was the love of my life but still, things did not work out. I know I need to get on with my life. I even went to a counselor but he asked me if I loved myself? My answer was no. I want to know how can I move forward and learn to love myself?

Answer: When the end of a relationship is so raw, it is hard to imagine that you will be happy again. Loving yourself is actually multidimensional. Meditation is good to start from because experiencing your true self is the basis of loving yourself. Indulge in activities you excel at and make you feel good about yourself.
       Deepak Chopra,  Sunday TOI, Blr, Aug 10, 2008

News Minimal access approach: Bangalore: Lal Gondar suffered from a spinal injury and was bedridden for two years. Recently, he was diagnosed as having coronary artery disease too and advised a bypass surgery before spine operation.
He underwent bypass surgery through the minimal access approach and was discharged within four days. This helped him get his spine surgery done in a month’s time.

Experts say the minimal access approach reduces pain and assures fast recovery. On Tuesday, Apollo Hospital launched a minimal invasive heart procedure with the help of endoscopic conduit harvesting. “In this approach, a bypass surgery is done with small 8- 10 cm incisions with partial division of the chest bone. This is also applicable to patients requiring multiple bypasses,”said Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, cardiothoracic surgeon, Apollo Hospital.

“The advantage of minimal access is less operative pain, smaller scars, less risk of infections and fast recovery. It is ideal for patients with weak lungs or brittle bones,” said Dr Sathyaki Nambala. The minimal access approach is also used for valve surgery and replacement and congenital heart surgery.

Courtesy: toiblr.reporter@times group.com,Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

Information Treatment for isciorectal abscess?

Perianal and Ischiorectal Abscesses: Localized collections of pus resulting from infections of the pararectal spaces.

Abscesses may cause substantial tissue destruction. Perianal abscesses, the more common type, usually result from inflammation of anorectal crypts or of glands located between the sphincters. These abscesses are located close to the anus and are relatively superficial. Pus tends to track internally into the lower rectum just above the anal canal and externally, forming a tender swelling. The swelling is usually posterior to the midline of the anus but may be anywhere within several centimeters of the anal verge.

Ischiorectal abscesses are located above the anorectal line. They are more difficult to diagnose, are usually larger, and are accompanied by marked systemic symptoms (eg, severe pain, fever). They usually result from a break between the extraperitoneal rectum and the fatty tissue in the fossa; however, the source of infection may lie within the peritoneal cavity. In elderly patients, diverticulitis is the most likely cause.

The cardinal symptom of an ischiorectal abscess is pain. If surgery is delayed, signs of sepsis (eg, chills, fever), local swelling, induration, and tenderness develop, as may life-threatening necrotizing soft tissue infections. Superficial abscesses may rupture spontaneously, but this possibility should not delay surgery. Aerobic and anaerobic organisms similar to those in feces can be cultured from the pus.

Surgical drainage should be performed as soon as the abscess is discovered. Antibiotics are given but do not substitute for drainage. Because nearly all abscesses result from a break in the rectal mucous membrane, 25 to 35% of patients may have a persistent fistula after simple incision and drainage. Therefore, a fistula should be sought and repaired during the original operation.

Query I have headache, weakness, can't eat and I just throw up! What can be the problem..?

Please consult a competent physician. He will, on examination, prescribe suitable treatment or guide you to proper specialists.

Query hai im 21 years ,i unfortunately scrached my hands using blade.but now my hands are scratches,is there any oinment?

Please consult a competent physician/ surgeon immediately.

Query What are the extra food needs during pregnancy?

It is good to be under medical care especially as soon as the pregnancy develops. Please be in contact with a competent physician/ gynaecologist because your health and the health of your baby/ foetus need constant monitoring. Depending upon the situation the doctor will advise you what food and medicine, if necessary, to take.

Query hellow is there any techneque to become fairer and to increase the size of nose.

Please consult a cometent plastic surgeon.

Query Migraine - Headache: Very often I get very sever headache which is unbearable. One of my friend told me that I have migraine problem. I am worried what to do now.

What is migraine? How it differs from headache? How will I know whether I have migraine problem or normal headache? Is there any treatment for migraine?

Please help

Migraine: Migraine is periodic headaches which is typically one sided and is associated with visual disturbance and vomiting. It has genetic predisposition, approximately 3/ 4 ths of patients have close relatives suffering from it. It is more common in females. It usually starts after puberty and continues until late middle life. Sometimes it is related with emotional stress. It occurs after few days to several months of the first happening.
It is precipitated by a variety of factors such as menstruation , flashing lights, or defects in eye sight. Weakness of half of body may be experienced and there may be numbness around the mouth. It may last up to half an hour to two hours with headache. The pain is usually severe and throbbing and is associated with vomiting, photophobia and sweating which may make the patient to go to bed in a dark room. Sometimes it makes the patient weak and exhausted.

1- Preventive
2- To abort any classical case.
Query Paramedical technology: tell us something about paramedical?wat s the career prospects for a student?wat s the elligibility criteria?anything else whic u think s important...

tanking you

In a hospital there are many types of staff present in each ward.These staff are called Paramedical staff (except doctors).
• In this field various types of job opportunities are present in the government and the private sectors.
• For technician courses the minimum eligibility is Intermediate pass. All these courses are of one year or two years duration.
• After doing these courses job opportunities are 100 percent in the government or the private sector. It depends upon one’s good skills and talent.

S. K. Gupta,
Director, Indira Gandhi Paramedical College & Hospital,
Query About Fits: I Sri Subrat Ch. Ray from Talcher, Orissa, my daughter Sheetal Rajpoot aged about 4 years. When she was 8th month, she has affected in fits diseases. In last 3 years I have treatment many doctors but I have not successful on his treatment. Kindly advise me what can I do ? please do me mail for which i remain grateful to you.

Subrat Chandra Ray
Talcher, Angul, Orissa
Mob : 9437042578

FEBRILE FITS: Febrile fits are very common in children. About 3 to 4 per cent of all children have had a febrile fit before the age of 5 years, with the most common age for a first febrile fit being before 18 months.

Febrile fits, which are also called febrile seizures or convulsions, are related to how quickly your child’s temperature rises or falls, rather than how high
their temperature is. Consequently, many children experience a febrile fit before anyone has noticed that they have a temperature.

Often there is a family history of febrile fits, and they tend to occur in boys more commonly than in girls.

Although frightening to witness, in general these febrile fits do not last long and the risk of the fit causing any serious damage is minimal.

Classically, a fit or seizure starts with a change in your child’s level of consciousness, often with their eyes rolling back in their head. This is followed
by a general stiffening of their body and limbs, including clenching of the teeth, after which comes the repetitive, jerky movements commonly associated with

The fits usually last less than 15 minutes, although for people watching it, a fit often seems to last much longer.

It is important if you witness a child fitting that you don’t try to restrain them. Make sure they are safe by removing any potential dangers from around
them and putting something soft under their head. Loosen any clothing that could restrict their breathing.

If possible, turn the fitting child on to their side to prevent any choking, especially in the event of vomiting. Do not try to force a fitting person’s
mouth open. Contrary to popular belief, they will not swallow their tongue.

After the child stops fitting they will usually be drowsy and disorientated as they regain consciousness. It is important to provide reassurance and calm
support at this time. All children who have a febrile fit should be seen by a doctor to determine that a fever was in fact the trigger for the fit, and to
rule out other causes.

The majority of children who have a febrile fit will recover fully, with most never having more than one fit. Approximately 10 to 33 per cent will have
another fever-related seizure, and probably fewer than one in 10 will go on to have more than 2 febrile fits.

To prevent febrile fits from recurring, many people advise treating children at the first sign of fever with paracetamol or ibuprofen. However, this has not
yet been proven to reduce the risk of a febrile fit.

There is a weak link between experiencing a febrile fit and developing epilepsy in the future. However, by far the majority of children will have no
long-term consequences of their febrile fit.
Query Alergy: I am suffering from alergy. It comes in the morning & afternoon hours after getting up from the bed. Generally it comes in the hands & thigh. Now I'm taking homoeopathy medicine from Dr.Barid Kar.

There are so many types of “Allergy”. The proper treatment is possible only after knowing the proper details with symptoms.

Dr. G. P. Roy, Gour Homoeo Clinic,
NML Chowk, Agrico, Jsr. Phone:9835350977 (M)
Query Parallize: my grand mother has been suffering from parallism for almost an year.doctors say that she has blocking in her brain.this blocking is increassing with every time she had shocks.she had shocks 3 to 4 times in this tenure of an year now.

It is not at all clear from your letter that what exactly your grand mother is suffering from. You have stated that she had 3-4 attacks of shocks during this
one year. What do you mean by attacks of shock, is not clearly defined. I will be in a position to tell you exact course of treatment if the following
information is made available to me :

1. Detailed case history of your grand mother like what is the complaint, what organs are not working properly, what kind of paralysis is she suffering from,
how and when did it start ?
2. What was the course of treatment adopted till date?
3. What are her reports of investigations done so far ?
4. What is her blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, serum creatinine, electrolytes, blood urea, haemoglobin count at present ?
5. If you can provide with the above information , we can definitely try to help you for her treatment .

Homoeopathy is having good medicines to manage such cases if we can get the proper details.

Hoping for all the best for your grand mother’s health.
Dr Kulwant Singh
Query Snoring: I snore loudly during my sleep and find it inconvenient for those sharing the room with me and embarrassing for myself. How can I get rid of it?

Please do not get disheartened. There are people who snore too much, but as such they don’t have any disease. Still, if you feel so embarrassed then consult
an ENT specialist. He will help you a great deal.
There are certain conditions when the nostrils are blocked (most of the time), due to which people are unable to
breathe properly through nostrils and may unknowingly inhale through mouth which sounds like snoring. So, get yourself checked by an ENT specialist and act
according to his advice.

Persons who generally sleep in a supine position throughout are liable to snore. Try sleeping on your side. That will reduce the severity of snoring.

Dr Matin Ahmed Khan

Query Heat Stroke: What is the best way to avoid heat stroke? Does one always keep one's head covered all the time one moves about in the sun?

Take water before you venture outside in the sun during summer. Heat stroke is generally preceded by dehydration. Never try to suppress your thirst. Adequate
intake of water and other liquids is a must in summer.

If you cover your head with a wet towel when you have to go out in the sun, heat will never bother you. Cover your head with a hat or cap. It is better to
cover your head from the rays of the sun during the noon-day sun which is rather severe in summer.

The best way to avoid heat stroke is of course, what you have suggested in your question. You have to keep your head covered not necessary always. When you are out, you do not have to expose yourself directly to Sun.

Then you have to take lots of fluids, including of course water. Whenever you feel yourself hot, immediately pour a lot of water on your head to keep it
cool and if still you feel the temperature is high, then consult immediately a doctor.

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