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Query Eye Floaters: What are causes and remedies for eye floaters? Thanks
 - Gul

As per your query we understand you have floaters. But how many in number and how frequently you are seeing them is important. Floaters usually occur in people with high minus powers where the vitreous is liquefied. It also occurs in people above 40 yrs of age wherein the vitreous gets detached from its retinal adhesion. You have to be careful and have a visit with an eye doctor, preferably a retina surgeon if the number of floaters is increasing in number and occurring more frequently or if they are associated with any flashes of light.

The best treatment for floaters is only self assurance and ignore them if the number and frequency remains the same.

Query Eye Problem: I am a 25 yr. old female. I often see spots floating, accompanied by deterioration in vision, pain in the eyes, purple/ blueish flashes of light etc. My number seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. Have consulted various doctors but nothing benefited. Do not suffer from diabetes or high/low blood pressures. Please help!

The complaints are of floaters and probably a full retinal examination with indirect opthalmoscopy will help in reaching a diagnosis.
Dr Rajen Verma, Eye specialist,
JEH, Jamshedpur, India.


Night Blindness: My five-year old son suffers from night blindness. He is unable to see after sunset and no course of treatment has so far been of any help.

Night blindness is a deficiency disease; if the elements needed are found in diet night blindness will go. Natural salts and vitamins needed to make up the
deficiency which causes night blindness are found in wholemeal bread, unmilled rice, fresh vegetables and unboiled milk. Put your child on a diet of these
foods and ask him to eat atleast 250 grammes of carrots each day. Carrot is a vegetable which contains vitamins which make up the deficiency.

Night blindness i.e. inability to see at night is caused by deficiency of vitamin A, which if complicates, can lead to various problems of eye.
Unfortunately, you have not mentioned the details of medicines and for how long the treatment has been going on. So, it will be worthwhile to suggest you to
have your sonís eyes tested at Eye Hospital, Jsr, or any eye hospital as such immediately and do according to the advice of an ophthalmologist. Lastly, Night
Blindness is absolutely curable and preventable.There are Night blindness Contact Programmes going on conducted by Govt of India & the State gvt.

Dr Matin Ahmed Khan

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