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You are a busy doctor, so why should you take the time and trouble of setting up your own website?

Firstly, your website lets you provide value-added services for your existing and new patients, by providing details as to the timings of the clinic and how to get to the clinic. It also allows you to answer routine patient’s queries by email.  Patients are thirsty for information about their illness, and many will use the Net to find information. However, most patients would much rather get information from their own doctor, and if you provide this information on your website, your patients know they can trust it.

However, the internet is a very valuable means of educating patients, and doctors need to be in the forefront of providing reliable information to their patients. After all, if you don’t take responsibility for educating patients, then who will?

You can “refer” patients to your website at the end of the consultation, so they can educate themselves. Patients appreciate this  and word of mouth will help you get more patients.

The future of medical care is e-healthcare, with the promise of online medical records, online pharmacies, telemedicine, patient education, and an ever-expanding list of exciting opportunities.

Putting up a website has become very easy, and you can get your first webpage at www.jamshedpurdoctors.com  for reasonable price.

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