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Electricity can enter the body from any live point of contact. It then seeks its way through tissues and out of the body along the easiest conduction paths open to it. Water is a good conductor. Wet skin offers danger when in touch with electricity. Most metals are good conductors too , and should be properly insulated on electrical apparatus.

Effects of Electricity

Electricity can burn.
Electricity can send muscles into spasm.
Electricity can kill.

First Aid to be taken

Step 1 : Disconnect the victim from the current at once.

Step 2 : If the patient has stopped breathing use Artificial Respiration.

Step 3 : Check for other injuries and treat them. As the victim fell, he may have sustained a fracture or a wound. There may be burns of the skin.

Step 4 : Keep watch on your patient. A person could recover from electocution only to collapse later. Get medical advice.

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