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Age Milestones
 At birth Average weight 2.8 kg and length 50 cm.
Baby can see and hear well and has limited response to  surroundings.
 3 months Average weight 5 kg and length 57 cm.
Can hold head. Fists open. Hand reach out. Social smile. Vision and hearing fairly good.
 6 months Average weight 7 kg and length 63 cm.
Rolls over. Sits with support. Can hold objects with both hands.
Leg support while standing. Cooing sounds.
 9 months Average weight 8.5 kg and length 68 cm.
Can sit, Stand with support. Holds small objects with a pinch.
First words uttered.
 1 year Average weight 10 kg and height 75 cm.
Can stand, walk with support. Transfer objects from one hand to other.
Vocabulary of 3 words.
 2 years Average weight 12 kg and height 80 cm.
Can walk, run climb stairs.
Make a column of cubs, play simple games with blocks.
Say small sentences.
 3 years Average weight 13 kg and height 90 cm.
Ready to go to KG school. 
Growth and development is variable and different from  one child to other.

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