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The first priority is to get the patient under medical care as quickly as possible. Remember to send the container of any poisons, taken by the patient, to the hospital. If the patient has been sick also send a sample of the vomit, with an estimate of the total amount he has brought up.

The Unconscious Patient

Step 1 : Check to see if the patient is breathing. If not immediately start Artificial Respiration.

Step 2 : If breathing seems obstructed, clear his airway.

Step 3 : If breathing is adequate, keep him in the recovery position until the ambulance arrives.

The Conscious Patient

If he is not too drowsy to swallow, let him slowly drink one or two glasses of a bland fluid like water, water and milk or barely water. This dilutes the poison and its irritant effect on the stomach lining.

In all cases urgently call for an ambulance.

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