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Chemicals in the Eye

Step 1 : Immediately remove a contact lens from the eye if worn.

Step 2 : Very rapidly wash the eye with a copious (but gentle) stream of water. Your patient may be screwing the lids together in pain, so that you will have to hold them open, firmly and gently.

Step 3 : Tilt the head to lower the affected eye, so that the liquid does not run over the other side of the face. Continue for a long time, e.g. ten minutes. If no continuous stream of water is available immediately, let the patient begin by blinking his eye in a bowl or large cup of water in order to dilute the chemical as quickly as possible.

Step 4 : Put a clean pad over the eye and seek medical advice.

Wounds of the Eye

Cover the eye with a wide, clean pad and seek medical aid as soon as possible. Apply the covering pad loosely to avoid pressing on the object. A light piece of guaze with an inverted small plastic cup bandaged over it can be very effective. Since both eyes move in unison, action of the good eye would entail movement of the injured one. If this movement is painful cover both eyes. Explain to the patient why you are doin this. Anything embedded in the eyeball must be strictly left alone; a hospital visit is urgently needed.

Object in the Eye

Step 1 : Tell your patient to avoid rubbing his eye.

Step 2 : Sit the patient down in a good light. Stand behind him and let his head fall back so that you are looking down on the eye.

Step 3 : Ask him to relax and look upwards.

Step 4 : With two finger tips, draw on the lower lid to see if the particle lies beneath it. If it does, remove it with the moistened point of a rolled-up fold in a clean handkerchief.

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